[Accent Color]

We're the multi-brand fashion shop in Nakameguro, Tokyo, which is run by a bag designer, Saori Mochizuki. We love polka-dots, borders, stripes & cats because they're the symbol of Saori Mochizuki's bag.

(clutch bag made of Japanese vintage KIMONO)

Online Shophttps://saorimochizuki.shop-pro.jp
(There's no English page & overseas shipment site but we can arrange for you so let us know if you're in the outside of Japan.)

Facebook Page@accentcolorshop

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2-24-3 Kamimeguro Meguro-ku Tokyo 153-0051

TEL: +81(0)3-6451-2076
FAX: +81(0)3-6451-2172

[OPEN] Fri.Sat. 11am-5pm
(You can visit outside our business hours if you have an appointment.)

We can keep your baggage via ecbo cloak
About the detail:
ecbo cloak https://cloak.ecbo.io

Contact & Appointment : HERE

Saori Mochizuki / Coney & Co. / japatic / Bruno / mhd / mono circus / Masako Ito

6 min. from South Gates - East Exit 2 of Nakameguro St. on foot

(1)Go out South Gates of Nakameguro St. ,


Turn left (East Exit 2),


Find Aoyama Flower Market on the right side.


(2)Go up the stairs & turn right at the corner in the front of the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ.


(3)Turn left at the corner of the bicycle Parking.


(4)Turn right at the corner of "Kutsu Senka (repair shop for shoes) & go down on Meguro Ginza Shoutengai St.


< (5)After a few minutes, you can find Post Office on your right side & Family Mart on your left side.


(6)Over Family Mart, turn left at the corner of Maruya (DIY shop).


(7)Over Kouraku Sushi on the right side.


(8)Turn right at the corner of 「number3」(used cloth shop).


([2017 June 〜] Attention!!:This vending machine on the corner over 「number3」is no more.)


(9)You can find Accent Color on the left side of the private path.